Jaguar 1st test-drive successful!

1st test-drive 14th May 2021 was a success!

Now we attack the remaining "cosmetic" stuff like heating, power brake unit etc. to get the car ready for the vehicle inspection.

Jaguar full-up BMS Test successful

All batteries installed and wired, including Battery Management System. Test-run with full-up BMS and software successful.

Test-run BMS full-up.jpg
VW T2 Completed

Software optimisation of the VW T2 is completed and it's running like hell.

Jaguar is in final wiring stage and making good progress.

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VW T2 Pretest 

Mid October we conducted a short, clandestine driving test. T2 is running smooth and powerful . 

Now working on optimizing software-parameters for BMS and motor-controller.

Batt & BMS Setup.jpg
Battery and BMS Test-Setup

Test-setup of 12 batteries, BMS components and software programming successful.

VW T2 short before Rollout

Battery box installed, wiring done, BMS & motor running. Just a few software settings and setups remaining to be done and we are ready for Rollout.

Motor installation

Assembly of electrical motor and clutch with subsequent installation onto the gearbox by means of the laser-cut connector-plate.


In June 2020 we made a last fitting-test with the battery boxes out of stainless steel before they went to the final welding.

This included a freedom of movement test of the Jaguars engine hood.


The gearbox-motor connection-plate has been manufactured by laser-cutting.

Real size foam models

Simon and Felix constructed real size models of all the battery boxes out of foam material. This allowed reliable fitting tests and thus a verification of the academic plans and results. 

Design of the battery boxes

Having all the needed data together, Simon started to develop detailed CAD models of the battery boxes for optimum battery box layout - hundreds of hours again.

This optimization has been pushed to the limits with respectable results:

VW T2: 74 kWh

Jaguar E-type 2+2: 53 kWh

Receiving the kits

All these calculations lead to a quite long list of parts - we are ready to order.

In February 2020 the first shipment arrives and it starts to get real :-)

Real life measurements and the huge conversion knowledge of Andreas allowed us to build CAD models for the motor-gearbox and clutch connector plates.

CAD modelling

In hundreds of hours Simon first built a CAD model of the relevant car volumes and structures.

This enabled us to make a first estimation of possible battery box volumes and consequently capacities.

Finding the cars

Andreas already had his VW T2 "on stock".

Simon and Felix found their Jaguars in the USA thanks to the knowledge and help of Mr. Zoss from Oldtimerclassics.

Felix bought his in September 2019 (Series 2, Year 1969) while Simon's followed in December 2019 (Series 1.5, Year 1967).


Simulation of volumes, possible arrangements of battery packs, capacities, voltage etc.


First ideas and intentions autumn 2018